When biology became engineering: adopting standards for living systems

Synthetic Biology, born in the early 2000s, aims to take biotechnology one step further by introducing, into the biological realm, conceptual frameworks from a range of engineering disciplines, including electrical, computer and industrial engineering. The goal is to be able to create complex biological objects and, for this, it is necessary to design and construct standard components, as well as standard assembly methods, activity measurements and descriptive languages.

In case you are wondering, SynBio differs from molecular biology mainly because the latter looks at biological entities from the perspective on physics, and the former from the perspective of engineering. This implies that SynBio doesn’t only focus on understanding existing biological objects, but it also focuses on the rational modification of these objects to generate new properties and functions.

Read more on this topic in this article, written by Dr. Víctor de Lorenzo and published in Revista Mètode.

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