University assembles more than 50 international experts on synthetic biology in Valencia

On 30 and 31 October the inaugural meeting of BioRoboost will be celebrated. BioRoboost is a European project leaded by the Universitat de València and sponsored by the Programa Marco de Investigación e Innovación Horizonte 2020 aiming to contribute in making synthetic biology a consolidated scientific discipline. The congress, in which more than 50 scientists will be present, will be held in the CSIC Science House.

Synthetic biology is a discipline including notions of biology, genetics, chemistry, computational science and engineering. Its goal is the production of new or improved biological structures that implement new beneficial functionalities.

Standards –reference patterns to work from– are one of the modern engineering pillars, very well defined in industry and engineering, but not in the case of biology. Scientific community has the need of concreting the characteristics of these standards in biological systems.

BioRoboost project aims to contribute to standardise synthetic biology on the one hand, and to improve communication among experts and disseminate this emerging discipline among people. It is a multidisciplinary science attempting to look into living beings’ knowledge and obtain benefits in fields such as medicine, the environment, industry and materials.

The project’s inaugural meeting, held in the CSIC Science House (BioRoboost partner organism) on 30 and 31 October, will show updates in biology standardisation and serve as a starting point for the creation of a European and international network of synthetic biology experts.

BioRoboost is made up of 27 groups –Asian and North American, but most of them European– and is coordinated by Manuel Porcar, Universitat de València researcher in the Institute for Integrative Systems Biology (I2SysBio), University’s mixed centre, and University’s Science Park (PCUV) CSIC.

Open debate at La Nau

Among BioRoboost’s outreaches, coordinated by Darwin Bioprospecting Excellence (PCUV), a panel discussion under the title ‘Synthetic biology and artificial life’ will be held next Tuesday. Luis Serrano and Maria Lluch (CRG, Barcelona), Víctor de Lorenzo (CNB-CSIC, Madrid), Cristina Vilanova (Darwin Bioprospecting Excellence) and Ana Delgado (University of Oslo) will discuss the relationships between synthetic biology and artificial life, as well as genome editing, bioengineering, ethics, and every topic suggested by the audience in a debate moderated by Manuel Porcar, I2SysBio researcher and BioRoboost coordinator. The debate will be held in the Sapiencia Chapel of La Nau Cultural Centre (Universitat de València).

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