“The BioRoboost Exchange Programme has been a great experience, both professionally and personally” – Adriel Latorre tells us about his stay in Ghent

Adriel Latorre is a PhD student that is doing his thesis at Darwin Bioprospecting Excellence S.L., a Spanish SME that is part of the BioRoboost consortia. In the framework of the BioRoboost exchange programme he spent two weeks in Ghent, and this is what he has to say about it:
“The BioRoboost Exchange Program has been a great experience for me, both professionally and personally. Working in another lab for two weeks has allowed me to learn new techniques, protocols and experimental designs. That is very interesting, especially from the standardization point of view: I found that there were some usual protocols that we performed in different ways between labs. Although they were small differences, they can still affect the final results, so it is always worthy to know it. Also, staying abroad for two weeks abroad gives you the opportunity to learn from another culture and to meet new people. There is enough time to visit every corner of the city, and even to travel to other nearby cities in the country. In fact, during my stay in Ghent I was also able to visit Bruges and Brussels. I was also able to taste the amazing Belgian beers, so it was a very complete experience for me! I would definitely do it again if I could…”
Don’t forget that the second round for the exchange programme is now open!

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