Standards: the building blocks of complexity

Standards. The building blocks of complexity, is the latest issue of the Mètode journal, and it focuses on standards in science, with special emphasis on synthetic biology; an area in which, mainly because of its complexity, standardisation still encounters resistance.

The issue is coordinated by the Principle Investigators of the BioRoboost project, Juli Peretó – professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Valencia – and Manuel Porcar – researcher at the Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology group of I2SysBio at the University of Valencia. Here are some of the articles you can find in this issue:

  • Standards, by Juli Peretó and Manel Porcar
  • When biology became engineering, by Víctor de Lorenzo (researcher at the National Centre for Biotechnology)
  • Can life be standardized?, by Juli Peretó and Manel Porcar
  • Standardisation and social ordering, by Pablo Schyfter (professor at the School of Political Science of the University of Edinburgh)
  • The long and winding road, by Sergi Valverde (PhD in Applied Physics and researcher at the Institute of Evolutionary Biology of the Pompeu Fabra University–CSIC)
  • Towards the right standards, by Michele Garfinkel (Director of Science Policy at the European Molecular Biology Organisation – EMBO)
Cover of the Mètode issue on Standards: The building blocks of complexity. Mètode 105. Online Only. Volume 2 (2020).

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