SEVA 3.0: a user-friendly web interface, more plasmid vectors and new links of the plasmids to advanced bioinformatic tools

Plasmids and related cloning vectors are one the main assets available to Synthetic Biologists and Molecular Biologists for dissecting and building biological properties, especially in bacterial cells. Standards, while limiting flexibility, also enhance interoperability, reproducibility, and improved metrology, and the application of standards to plasmid vectors and other genetic tools is unfinished business with a constantly growing demand. As a response to this demand, the SEVA (Standard European Vector Architectura) database was created in 2013, including a collection of plasmid vectors assembled with a simple arrangement of functional DNA segments that can facilitate interoperability. This database was updated in 2015 (2.0 SEVA-DB update), and once again in 2019 with SEVA-DB 3.0. SEVA 3.0 is updated with a more user-friendly interface, more plasmid vectors with additional SBOL-format information that allows them to be amenable to machine reading, and links of the plasmids to advanced bioinformatic tools.

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