An open standard for the representation of in silico biological designs

The design process is fundamental to synthetic biology. The SBOL standard empowers and enables a design-oriented, forward-engineering approach for synthetic biology by:

  • Facilitating storage of genetic designs in repositories
  • Helping synthetic biologists and genetic engineers to electronically exchange designs with each other and with biofabrication centers
  • Supporting the development of Genetic Design Automation (GDA) software tools for synthetic biologists
  • Representing hierarchically assembled genetic compositions and abstract genetic compositions without an explicit nucleotide sequence
  • Allowing expression of genetic designs in publications and thus enhancing scientific reproducibility
  • Capturing elements of a design that move beyond DNA Sequences 

SBOL is open source and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

A pre-competitive non-profit organization supporting innovation, dissemination, and integration of SBOL standards, tools and practices in an industrial environment.

A data exchange representation for synthetic biology designs, aiming to improve the efficiency of data exchange and reproducibility of synthetic biology research.

SBOL Visual aims to organize and systematize such conventions in order to produce a coherent language for expressing the structure and function of genetic designs

Software tools that support exchange of genetic designs in the SBOL file format (SBOL core) or supports display of genetic designs using standard SBOL Visual glyphs.

Synthetic Biology Open Language (SBOL) is an open standard for the representation of in silico biological designs, facilitating computational design, exchange, and reproducibility of biological systems.

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