SAVE THE DATE: International Workshop on Synthetic Biology (3rd and 4th June 2019, Madrid)

We are excited to announce that we are organising an international workshop in Madrid on the 3rd/4th of June 2019. This workshop is going to be a unique opportunity for the BioRoboost consortia (both European and international partners) to meet and to discuss several topics, including the challenges of biological standardisation, internationalisation, synbio chassis, biosafety and biosecurity. You can find the complete preliminary programme below, although we will keep you all updated with any changes!

Monday, June the 3rd

9:30 h. The challenges of biological standardisation
Opening, welcome and objectives of the Workshop. Manuel Porcar
Standards in biology. State of the art and challenges. Victor de Lorenzo
Standards in biology: a societal perspective. Pablo Schyfter.11 h. Coffee break
11:30h Bioroboost: Fostering Synthetic Biology standardisation through
international collaboration
Overview. Manuel Porcar
Round table with all WP leaders (short presentations) and Open discussion
13:30 h. Lunch
15:00 h. Standards and Internationalisation
The US Perspective.
The Asian Perspective: China, Japan, Singapore
Open discussion
16:30 h. Focussed Session on SynBio Chassis
Primers: Luis Serrano, Victor de Lorenzo
Agreeing on the terminology
Efficacy, Stability/durability, Safety
Regulatory frames: FDA vs EFSA
Barcoding of accredited SynBio chassis
18.00 h. End of first day meeting

Tuesday, June the 4th

9:00 h. Collaborating with scientific journals and informing policymakers
The key role of companies in standardisation (UNE). Elena Ordozgoiti
The view of science publishers: standards and formats. Invited editors.
Communication and dissemination challenges. Cristina Vilanova
Recommendation for Policy makers: open discussion
11:00 h. Coffee break
11:30 h. Biosafety, Biosecurity, traceability, Governance
Biosecurity issues.
Governance of synthetic biology.
13:00 h. Lunch
14:30 h. Conclusions
Biological standards as a global challenge.
To-do-list & Future actions
15:30 h. End of the meeting

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