Open call for the BioRoboost exchange program

Research students affiliated to institutions within the BioRoboost consortium are called to apply to the BioRoboost exchange program. This program offers the opportunity for students to visit partner research groups for a period of 2 weeks, and to learn more about standards and standardisation practices in the host labs. Travel and living expenses are covered by the BioRoboost project. The aim of the exchange program is to facilitate knowledge exchange and comparison across research groups in BioRoboost in order to map the different interests and standardisation practices in the BioRoboost network labs.

Standardization practices across projects have been classified in two large groups: digital standards (in silico experiments) and physical standards (in wet lab experiments). Drawing on the initial mapping exercise, the students are invited to focus on 2 forms of work carried in many of the project’s institutions:

a) Measurement and characterisation practices and standards:
– Imperial College London (Geoff Baldwin)
– Philipps-Universität Marburg (Anke Becker group)
– University of Edinburgh (Alistair Elfick group)
– Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology (Tobias Erb group)
– University of Thessaly (Kostas Mathiaopoulus)
– Ghent University (Marjan De Mey)
– Darwin Bioprospecting (Cristina Vilanova)

Modelling and digital data sharing:
– Explore Biotech (Davide Delucrenzia group)
– Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology (Tobias Erb group)
– University of Manchester (Jean-Loup Faulon group)
– University of Warwick (John McCarthy group)
– Darwin Bioprospecting (Cristina Vilanova)

The application should include:
1. A letter of interest which explains why the student wants to participate, what s/he hopes to learn, and what make him/her qualified to participate
2. A CV
3. A ranked selection of labs (up to 3)

Submission deadline: 1st May 2019
All BioRoBoost partners are welcome to apply.
For more information please contact Pablo Schyfter:

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