Jasmine’s experience in the BioRoboost exchange programme: “I enjoyed being able to experience research in an industrial setting…”

Jasmine Bird is a PhD student at the Marles-Wright Laboratory of Newcastle University. This research group uses structural biology, biochemistry and cell biology techniques underpinned by synthetic biology technologies to answer questions relating to the function of bacterial compartmentalization systems and their rational design as platforms for biotechnology and synthetic biology. With the BioRoboost exchange programme Jasmine spent two weeks at Darwin Bioprospecting Exellence, an SME in Valencia (Spain) that is specialized in microbial bioprospecting. This is what Jasmine has to say about her stay in Valencia:
“During my time at Darwin Bioprospecting I had the opportunity to experience many different aspects of life in Valencia. I spent the majority of my two weeks at work with all the researchers exploring the reproducibility of fluorescent reporters between different researchers, labs, etc. I enjoyed being able to experience research in an industrial setting and observing all the differences such as what things are called and how do different labs complete certain routine protocols. From how you set up an overnight culture and setting your pipette to max volume when you are finished (I do this in my home lab now). In addition, the way the day and week is structured is very different compared to academia. Everyone was very welcoming and had some great recommendations for how I should spend my time in Valencia outside of work including places to visit and where to get the best paella!”
Thank you Jasmine for participating in the exchange programme!
REMINDER: the second round of the BioRoboost exchange programme is now open! Send your applications to Pablo Schyfter ( before the 15th of February 2020!

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