Engineering Biology Research Consortium (EBRC)

The Engineering Biology Research Consortium (EBRC) is a non-profit, public-private partnership dedicated to bringing together an inclusive community committed to advancing engineering biology to address national and global needs. EBRC members represent diverse perspectives of the engineering biology research community and include some of the nation’s top scientists and engineers. The EBRC develops activities and programs to support and sustain the impact of research, products, discoveries, and ideas from the synthetic biology community.

Regularly updated roadmap for the engineering biology research community

Security & Synthetic Biology

Security framework for researchers

Proactive engagement on public policy affected by engineering biology

Improving education, training, and workforce development

 EBRC is comprised of Individual and Institutional Members

Check out EBRC’s latest roadmap: ‘Engineering Biology: a research roadmap for the next-generation bioeconomy’

The EBRC Roadmap is a critical assessment of the current status and potential of engineering biology, and it is intended to provide researchers and other stakeholders  with a compelling set of technical challenges and opportunities in the near and long term.

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