DOULIX implements the SEVA collection in collaboration with the CSIC

Within the framework of BIOROBOOST and in collaboration with CSIC, DOULIX has implemented the SEVA (Standard European
Vector Architecture). This is a very important important milestone for standardization, Now, any researcher can:

– search for public SEVA parts: DLX_SEVA_parts_collection

– search for public SEVA plasmids: DLX_SEVA_plasmid_collection

– refer to any public SEVA parts and/or plasmids though the unique ID code (top-left corner) that also represents a persistent identifier compliant with the FAIR guidelines.

– download any SEVA parts and/or plasmids as .gb

– visualize online any SEVA parts and/or plasmids

– duplicate and edit his/her own copy of SEVA parts and/or plasmids

– design his/her own SEVA parts and/or plasmids using existing parts/plasmids or starting from scratch (

DOULIX is the first toolkit for synthetic biologists that provides an end-to-end solution to move from design to synthesis within one single cloud-base application. Doulix’s DNA Repository is the only public collection of DNA parts compling with the ISO-9001 standard, and it allows you to browse, retrieve and edit DNA sequences from multiple sources, including iGEM, CIDAR, Agilent Technologies, Sirion Biotech and, now, SEVA. The DNA Editor combines the ease of use of pre-made biomodules with power of a full-fledged sequence editor, and Doulix’s cloning wizard uses AI to decouple design from synthesis.


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