Discussing standards at the FEBS 2019 Advanced Lecture Course in Biosystem Design

From the 29th September to the 7th October 2019, the “FEBS 2019 Advanced Lecture Course in Biosystem Design: Computational and Experimental Approaches” took place on Spetses Island in Greece. This Advanced Lecture Course was focused on how we can design, engineer and characterise biosystems utilising advanced quantitative methods and technologies, and explored the diversity of applications of synthetic biology (build-to-apply) and how engineering new biological systems can help us improve our understanding of the naturally evolved biosphere (build-to-understand). 

In this context, Dr. Manel Porcar from the University of Valencia (coordinator of BioRoboost) contributed to this course with a talk focused on the importance of standardisation in synthetic biology. Through this talk, the audience was made aware of the existence of BioRoboost and its objectives, as well as of other standardisation efforts such as iGEM or SBOL. Dr. Porcar also informed the audience on the existence of the exchange programme, and encouraged all the young students to apply.

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