Minutes from the Round Table on SynBio and Education

The Round Table on SynBio and Education took place last week, on December 3rd 2020. The event was chaired by Manuel Porcar (I2SysBio – Universitat de Valencia), and the invited speakers were: Kristie Tanner (Darwin Bioprospecting Excellence) Jake Beal (BBN Technologiesand University of Iowa) Markus Schmidt (Biofaction) Some of the main conclusions reached during the discussion … Leer más

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Explaining synthetic biology to 15-16 year old high school students is a challenge, since several different complex concepts must be introduced: the concept of gene, the central dogma of molecular biology (transcription and translation), plasmids and biological chassis. Although some of these concepts are included in the high school curriculum, a comprehensive approach is needed … Leer más

Round Table on SynBio & Education – December 3rd 2020

Join us on December 3rd between 4 and 5:30 pm (CET) for a virtual round table discussion on synthetic biology and education.  The speakers on our panel will be: Jake Beal, University of Iowa, USA. He is a Senior Scientist at BBN Technologies and  a research affiliate of the University of Iowa. Previously, he was … Leer más

A video on standardisation in Synthetic Biology Synthetic biology is the attempt to convert biotechnology into a full engineering discipline. Compared to other engineering areas, the process of standardization of biological material is a tough challenge. One of the most important characteristics of every engineering field is the need for proper standards. In this short film we show: why standards are … Leer más


Play now! Synthetic Biology is the re-design of existing, natural biological systems for useful purposes. SYNMOD is a game based on a real scientific project that uses synthetic biology to design new antibiotics. With this app you can:– create peptide modules by assembling amino acids– combine and test these peptide modules in a slot machine– … Leer más