Round Table on standards in SynBio: views of the BioTech industry

The “BioRoboost Round Table: views of the BioTech Industry” took place on October 1st. Participants were able to discuss many topics, including the most urgent standardisation needs of the BioTech industry. The event was divided into two main sessions. During the first part, the project coordinator shared an introduction of the BioRoboost project, followed by … Leer más

Standards: the building blocks of complexity

Standards. The building blocks of complexity, is the latest issue of the Mètode journal, and it focuses on standards in science, with special emphasis on synthetic biology; an area in which, mainly because of its complexity, standardisation still encounters resistance. The issue is coordinated by the Principle Investigators of the BioRoboost project, Juli Peretó – … Leer más