BioRoboost Round Table, views of the BioTech Industry (April 21st 2020, Brussels)

For businesses, standards are expected to reduce uncertainty of investments linked to research and innovation actions, to clarify and simplify the IPR landscape and to help to align regulations at all levels. From an early stage, BioRoboost has ensured the involvement of industry and has focused on finding the role of industry in standard definition and on defining where soft standards could pave the way towards a more trusted dialogue between industry, research and governments. Standards could play a role in identifying and supporting areas for public–private partnerships, maximising this way the potential of synthetic biology and overcoming market and institutional failures.

In line with this goal of involving industry in BioRoboost, we are organising a round table event that will specifically focus on the views of the BioTech Industry. It will take place in Brussels on April 21st 2020. In this meeting, chaired by Dr. Ariel Hecht (Ginkgo Bioworks), delegates from relevant BioTech companies will discuss on the needs of the sector regarding the standardisation of Synthetic Biology.

If you are from industry and are interested in attending, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at

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