BioRoboost Educational Kit – let us know if you would like to receive one for FREE

Explaining synthetic biology to 15-16 year old high school students is a challenge, since several different complex concepts must be introduced: the concept of gene, the central dogma of molecular biology (transcription and translation), plasmids and biological chassis.

Although some of these concepts are included in the high school curriculum, a comprehensive approach is needed to be able to convey to students not just a general idea of ​​what synthetic biology is, but also of its relevance in today’s society.

The goal of the BioRoboost educational kit is to introduce these concepts in a one-hour session.

Teacher's Handbook

A didactic strategy that the teacher can implement for the students to further develop key synthetic biology concepts.


Images and diagrams to illustrate the concepts explained throughout the class

Animation Video

A two-minute simple animation video explains the importance of standards in synthetic biology.

Card Game

A gamified activity that will allow for the students to consolidate the concepts learned throughout the class.

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