Computational Modelling in Biology Network (COMBINE)

COMBINE (“COmputational Modeling in BIology NEtwork”) is an initiative to coordinate the development of standards and formats for computational models, aiming to reach a set of interoperable and non-overlapping standards covering all aspects of modeling in biology. 

The standard description formats would ultimately cover the various types of models used in biology, the different views of a model and the different steps of the modeling and simulation activity. This matrix is currently sparse, but new projects are launched on a regular basis. 

A list of standard representation formats covered by or related to COMBINE activity

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Mailing lists and forums of discussion

The global COMBINE effort is led by the COMBINE Coordination Board

Building on the experience of mature projects, which already have stable specifications, software support, user-base and community governance, COMBINE helps foster or support fledgling efforts aimed at filling gaps or new needs.

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